GramLine Steel Privacy Fencing



Slimline Posts & Rails (1984)
The GramLine Slimline Posts and Rails provide a stylish and unobtrusive finish that gives you a much more attractive appearance.
GramLine Plinth (2004)
A Boundary
 "WeedWall" or "Retaining Wall"
The GramLine Plinth fits under your Bottom Rail and inside the Channel Post of your GramLine Steel Privacy Fence, either as a single section or multiple sections (up to five). This acts either as a "WeedWall", a "Retaining Wall", or both.
GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile (1996)
The original unique GramLine Sawtooth / Zigzag Profile ensures both you and your neighbour will equally enjoy the same attractive perspective.
“The GOOD side is BOTH sides”
GramLine Old Style Sheet (1986)
The GramLine Old Style Profile (ColorLine) has been manufactured for over 20 years & similar looking to the roofing & walling sheet.
GramLine 3 Dimensional Lattice (1999)
The stylish 3 Dimensional Steel Lattice, comes in a variety of standard widths, heights and colours. It is an attractive low maintenance, long life alternative to Timber Lattice. The GramLine Steel Lattice can be used in a variety of applications.

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